Monthly Archives: January 2014

A Huggable Picture Frame Makes More than Just a Great Gift

Our photo dolls are huggable picture frames; they let you put a photo into a slot on the doll’s face. And while there are different types of photo dolls out there, using one as an easy-to-carry, huggable picture frame has lots of benefits – just ask any therapist. Picture boards are often used in therapy […]

We’re Helping Special Needs Children

Helping special needs children is an admirable job. Children who suffer from disabilities or have experienced trauma are often introduced to play therapy techniques to help them grow and develop. HUGGEEMISSYOU photo dolls have been used to help children in various stages of development rise to their full potential Play Therapy Techniques: A certified counselor […]

Dealing with Separation

Dealing with separation issues can be hard on people of all ages. Huggs To Go™ is dedicated to helping children cope with being away from their loved ones for short and long periods of time. But our HUGGEEMISSYOU photo dolls aren’t just for kids. Noted child psychologist Dr. Pesner says that HMY is an invaluable […]

Sensory Toys for Autism that Truly Work

There is a lot of supportive information about the benefits of using sensory toys for autism therapies. Autism play therapy, in particular, encourages parents to use products that can help sooth or stimulate a child on the spectrum. And with the growing acknowledgment that approximately one out of every 100 children will be affected by […]

Police Officer Gifts

BUY NOW! Non recordable – $16.95, click here to BUY Recordable $19.95, click here to BUY Police Officer Gifts with Heart Huggs To Go™ is proud to offer a brand new line of police officer gifts, for kids and adults of all ages! Our cloth hero dolls make it easy to thank a police officer for all of the hard […]

Meaningful Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Looking for meaningful gift ideas for the holidays this year? Wracking your brain for ideas for sentimental Christmas/Chanukah/holiday gifts that come from the heart? Let HUGGEE help! HUGGS TO GO LLC has the best present ideas for grandparents, teachers, neighbors – even your dog walker! The HUGGEE MISS YOU photo doll makes a wonderful present […]