Customized Gifts Make the Best Birthday Gift For Friend

Every year when a child’s birthday rolls around, there is no real greater joy than to look forward to a birthday party with family and friends. Of course for parents, planning out a party can be a lot of work, but there is so much happiness in knowing your child can feel really special on his or her big day with a party that’s just right for your kiddo.

On the other hand though, when you’re the parent whose child receives an invite for a birthday party, it’s hard to know what’s the best birthday gift for friend who’s from school or the neighborhood. Children these days have so many toys and gadgets. How does your child pick the best gift for a beloved friend?

Shopping for birthday presents for kids can be a bit tiresome if you’re not sure what to get. Any mom can tell you that during the school year, it can feel a little like birthday party central. Well, don’t fret: we’re here to give moms and dads a little guide to finding the best birthday gifts for friend or friends (shopping for twins?) alike that will make gift-giving take on a whole new meaning for your kiddos.

Not the Same Old Birthday Presents for Kids 

Is your child ready to dazzle the birthday boy or girl? As kids get older, they want to choose the perfect gift for a friend that means so to them. Here are some great ideas that go beyond a toy or gift card:

1- An Experience
 Try setting up an experience for a birthday kiddo! In lieu of a wrapped gift, ask the friend’s parent if you and your child and the two of them can go to a special kids’ museum, arcade, painting class, amusement park or other special day activity. Having a fun experience together as friends may be even better than a toy!

2- Customized Gifts
Everyone does love a gift card, but a customized gift like personalized stories, customized plush dolls, story recordings, personalized t-shirts or mugs not only is a more unique gift than a gift card, but it also lets your child tailor a gift to the birthday boy or girl him or herself! There’s something about customized gifts that really go beyond a present and instead, touches a kid’s heart.
For example, you can take a child’s favorite plush doll to another level by finding plush dolls that not only look like the birthday boy or girl, but also has a message from a beloved friend. Huggs to Go has personalized dolls in which a friend could tailor the doll to look exactly like the birthday girl, and leave a special message for the birthday girl too! It takes your everyday plush doll to a new and personal level. Your child will love creating the personalized message too!

This is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

3- Books or Educational Toys
Having trouble finding great birthday presents for kids? Parents and kids too, always love books! Parents of course, love educational toys, but if books are not this particular child’s passion, why not present the birthday kid with a science kit, easel or cash register that teaches basic money? These gifts are ones that gift back the receiver many times over. One of the best types of books for your child to bestow onto a friend, is a personalized book in which a child becomes a part of the story, or named as one of the characters. Customized gifts can truly be such a treat for kids.

4- Scrapbook of Memories
Let your child show the birthday kid a testament to their friendship with a scrapbook of memories. Photos and trinkets from memories shared between the two children will be a birthday gift that child will end up holding onto way into adulthood.

No matter what your child decides to get for a friend’s birthday, always remind your child that truly, it’s the thought that counts and makes the gift!