Privacy Policy:

HUGGS TO GO™ LLC NEVER HAS AND NEVER WILL sell, give or share your contact information with anyone. In the ten wonderful years HUGGEE MISS YOU™ has been purchased, we have not had one single complaint or problem with privacy issues. We will continue to keep this perfect customer service record. Your information is protected on our site with as much security as is offered for websites so you can feel safe when you purchase online with us. Again, ten wonderful years and not one single problem with privacy of your contact with us. We promise to honor this policy. You also will not receive sales calls or bothersome emails. We respect your privacy and only contact you when needed. Thank you again and have fun shopping with us.

Refund Policy:

Returns are accepted if HUGGS TO GO™ LLC:

A) Is notified by phone or email within 24 hours of receipt of the product.

B) Manufacturers defects accepted only. If damage is caused by opening of the package or box we cannot accept. If product breaks or rips within 30 days of normal use HUGGS TO GO™ LLC will accept return and inspect. If product shows normal use was used but product “broke” within those thirty days, replacement rules apply. You will receive replacement immediately. HUGGS TO GO™ LLC reserves the right to make binding decision on what constitutes normal use.

C) All returns must have approval by HUGGS TO GO™ LLC before being returned for replacement.

D) Damaged products must be returned and upon approval by HUGGS TO GO™ LLC upon receipt and inspection of product, replacement will be sent immediately. Shipping and Handling costs to replace defective product is at HUGGS TO GO™’S expense. To return damaged product is upon buyers expense. If/when HUGGS TO GO™ LLC finds it is manufacturers defect we will give credit in the amount of the postage cost for buyer to use on next purchase of product (not towards replacement product or towards shipping costs).

E) Any returns must be done within Seven to Ten days after receipt of product. Notification must be done within 24 hours upon receipt of product. EXCEPTION: Only if product breaks after this time frame and before thirty days of ownership.

F) Any product returned due to damages must be mailed back in normal envelope or blank 8”x10” envelope. NO priority mail, no insured mail. Credit for postage costs will only be for mailing back via standard post office mail. Non recordable HUGGEE MISS YOU™’S weigh only Three ounces and recordable only 5 ounces. Should returns be mailed back any other way than standard mail no additional credits will be given, only amount of mailing product through standard mail. No packaging materials required.

G) Returning for any other reasons not due to damages must be approved by HUGGS TO GO™ LLC.

H) NO CASH REFUNDS GIVEN. Should you wish to return for any reason due to no fault of damages or HUGGS TO GO™ LLC, than all shipping and handling costs are at the expense of the buyer. We will gladly exchange for any other product we carry. All standard Shipping and Handling costs will apply for shipment of any other product.

Please know that we are proud to state in the ten wonderful years HUGGEE MISS YOU™ has been bringing comfort and joy to all of you, the rare times an exchange needed to be made, we handle it immediately. Feel comfortable and safe that we always are available and handle anything you need as fast as humanly possible! So please feel free to call us with ANY issue you might have. We are here for you.

No Cash Refunds. In the extremely rare occasion a return happens we send out your replacement immediately. We can also give credit for you to use on any future products or any other products we carry. Credits cannot be used towards Shipping and Handling costs. Credits are for products only.

Delivery Policy:

Upon receipt of your order via email, phone or mail, we will ship out 24 to 72 business hours. Our standard shipping method for orders up to Four pieces is Priority Mail. Priority Mail takes up to Three days for delivery. Orders of 5 or more time frame still applies. We can and do ship UPS, FED EX, DHL, or any other way you wish. Overnite, 2nd day or guaranteed delivery is no problem. Extra costs due apply. APO BOXES- NO PROBLEM-We welcome them!

Customized Orders: From receipt of order customization is Five business days to ship. Weekends not included.
Drop Shipping-No problem. We can bill you and ship to anyone anywhere you need us to. We will even include a “note” on their packing slip saying whatever message you want it to. No pricing will be on their receipt. We will send yours separately. Same 24 to 72 hour shipping time frame applies.

Should any unforeseen complications occur to hinder our ability to ship out within the 24 to 72 hour time frame for standard orders you will be notified immediately. Same applies to any customized orders, notification will be done should the Five day time frame become not possible.

Please feel free to call or email us with any requests or questions you might have on our Delivery policy. It is our goal to ship out as fast as humanly possible. Or should you need us to “hold” it and ship at a later date we offer this service too.

We always ship with tracking ability so feel free to check in at anytime. We welcome all emails and phone calls.