Custom Dolls

The Most Plush, HUGGABLE/Squeezable of Custom Dolls

When you want something special for yourself or to loved one, HUGGEE MISS YOU custom dolls are the perfect choice. The best thing about our plush photo dolls is that you can personalize them for anyone and any occasion. The HUGGEE MISS YOU plush doll is like a picture frame you can hug tight to your heart.

Plush Photo Dolls to Hug and Love

Our HUGGEE plush photo doll can be customized for anyone, but here are some popular ideas:

  • Military moms and dads, aunts, uncles, sons, daughters, and so many more
  • Grandparents who live far away or in assisted living and nursing homes
  • College kids away at school,
  • Children in daycare, preschool or private schools
  • Kids and teens away at camp
  • Friends and family who live across the country (or down the road!)
  • Loved ones in hospitals or long-term care facilities or who are not feeling well and could use a HUGG!
  • Teachers, neighbors, firemen and women, and police officers
  • Anyone you wish you could hug and squeeze more often! All ages need a HUGG!

Why a HUGGEE MISS YOU Plush Doll is Different

Dolls are great for kids, but our fully customizable plush doll is perfect for anyone—even yourself! Made from 100% hypo-allergenic cotton and GREEN products, is a huggable picture frame featuring a 3” x 2” clear plastic pocket over the face where you can insert and rotate your favorite pictures. Whether you choose a recordable or nonrecordable doll, you’ll have something completely unique and special to enjoy.

Our recordable photo dolls are available in the same vibrant colors and patterns as our non-recordable dolls but allow you to record a 10-second message. Record your personal message by phone, computer or tablet, and swop it out as often as you like.

Contact us today to order one of our custom dolls today!

At Huggs To Go, we ship our huggable custom dolls within 48 hours of receipt of the order*.  We also ship to APO, AE and FPO boxes—any country, anywhere you wish.

*Overnight shipping cannot always be guaranteed to ship out the day ordered. Order time and shipping location are determining factors. We will notify you ASAP. All orders are shipped First Class or Priority Mail (unless ordered otherwise). We do not ship on weekends or holidays.