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Military Dolls for Sale

If you’re looking for military dolls for sale, you’ve found the most meaningful options available. The brave women and men who serve in our armed forces often leave behind loved ones who miss them. A HUGGEE MISS YOU™ soldier doll can be there for them while they’re away—or be there for you at home.

Cherish Your Personalized Army, Marines, Navy, or Air Force Doll

Whether it’s an army, navy, marines or air force doll, you can have your own customized reminder of a loved one. Our military dolls for sale make the perfect gifts for children with deployed parents or anyone who’s missing them. So, where you’re missing them or they’re missing you, this huggable doll is always there.

A Soldier Doll Makes a Difference

Huggs To Go is a proud partner of Operation Give a Hug with our soldier doll. More than 500,000 of our military dolls for sale are sent all over the world to women and in uniform and their children. It is so rewarding to know that every army, navy, marines and air force doll can help families feel closer together while they’re apart.
We also loved that each doll can be customized with a photo, serving as huggable picture frames that are lightweight, easy to carry, and won’t break during travel.
If you’re looking for a way to make a difference in the life of a military family, our HUGGEE dolls are the answer. Shop our military dolls for sale today.

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