Huggee Miss You Helps Children With Special Needs Engage In Play

An estimated one in 88 children is diagnosed with autism annually. As one of a cluster of disorders that hinder a child’s ability to communicate and connect with the world around them, autism poses significant social challenges. Those living and working with children with autism are constantly on the lookout for new and creative ways to encourage communication and engagement in these kids. Sensory toys are often the bridge between the autistic child’s inner world and those around them.

Why sensory toys help autistic children

Sensory toys for kids serve two purposes for autistic children and their families and educators. First and foremost, studies have shown that children on the Autism spectrum crave visual and tactile sensory input. Toys that are full of visual and tactile stimulation provide the input these children crave – without forcing them to struggle to interact with their peers. Second, since these toys are so enjoyed by this population, they have shown to be the perfect reward for progress in ABA (a leading behavioral therapy technique used with the autistic population) programs. Educators and special needs therapists often use autism dolls to reinforce desired, targeted behaviors because they act as a compelling incentive for these children. Whether for play or reinforcement, sensory toys allow that autistic kid in your life to enjoy playtime while interacting with the external world.

Huggee Miss You dolls for Autistic children

Huggee Miss You dolls offer a number of sensory experiences – both visual and tactile. Autistic children will appreciate the ability to connect with their loved ones through the photographs without having to interact socially. The tactile experience of playing with the doll’s hair and the bright colors on each of the dolls will appeal to their visual and tactile input cravings. To learn more about how Huggee Miss You dolls can help the autistic child in your life, call us at 303-309-3647 today.