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Soft Military Dolls

When our brave military men and women go off to serve our country, they leave behind the family and friends who love them. HUGGEE MISS YOU™ soft military dolls can be there for them while they’re away. Whether they’re in the navy, air force, marines or army, they will have a soft bodied doll that comforts them and reminds them of you.

Military Toys for Sale

What’s more, our HUGGEE military toys for sale make the perfect gifts for kids with deployed parents and anyone who’s here in the states missing them. You even have the opportunity to record your own voice and sweet message that’s easily changeable. So, whether they’re missing you, or you’re missing them, you’ll have a huggable soft bodied doll to hug and listen to anytime.
If you’re looking for gifts for kids with deployed parents or for military loved ones who could use a loving reminder of you, our HUGGEE dolls are the answer. Shop, customize and send your favorite soft military dolls today!

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