Tips for Coping with Pet Loss

Nothing can prepare you for the loss of a pet. Coping with pet loss is a very personal experience with a unique set of emotions to deal with. While many of us try to ignore the pain by keeping busy, it’s important to allow ourselves to experience pain and sorrow. Here are a few ways […]

Does Your Child Have School Phobia?

Is your child afraid to go to school? Many young children are. In fact, it’s estimated that 1 to 5 percent of children experience school phobia at some time. Although quite common, it can be very difficult for both the child and parents. The good news is, kids are able to overcome it and you […]

Help Ease Student Stress

Middle school is full of social and academic challenges, making student stress a very common issue. It’s easy for parents to feel helpless when trying to help their children work through it. If you’re feeling this way, fear not. Here are some tips to prevent your child from feeling overwhelmed and to help manage their […]

How to Help a Teenager with Anxiety and Depression

Life is stressful at any age, but the teenage years can be especially difficult. Academic, social, and family pressures can create feelings of rejection, disappointment, or sadness. These days, we’re seeing more cases of teens and depression, with 1.8 million of our country’s youth having experienced severe depression in 2017 alone. If you’re wondering how […]

Care Package Ideas for Soldiers

Receiving a care package from home can do so much for a deployed service member. But choosing a going away gift for someone being deployed can seem difficult. The good news is, finding and packing up the package can make you feel even closer to your loved one. Here are some meaningful care packages ideas […]

Unique Gifts for Family Far Away

As much as we’d like to be surrounded by our loved ones at all times, most of us have family and friends that don’t live nearby. When you’re looking for gifts for family far away or long-distance friends, there’s nothing quite like a HUGGEE doll. These dolls can be personalized with photos and vocal recordings, […]