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How to Help a Teenager with Anxiety and Depression

Life is stressful at any age, but the teenage years can be especially difficult. Academic, social, and family pressures can create feelings of rejection, disappointment, or sadness. These days, we’re seeing more cases of teens and depression, with 1.8 million of our country’s youth having experienced severe depression in 2017 alone. If you’re wondering how […]

Best Developmental Toys: Help Your Child’s Emotional Development

Emotional intelligence and awareness is taught—not innately learned. That is why you’ll hear experts spouting about the “best developmental toys” or which toys are the best for emotional development. We need to teach our little ones how to express and manage emotions, as well as empathize with others’ emotions. If you want to get your […]

Mental Health Awareness Starts With You!

It’s not taboo to discuss our physical health but when it comes to our emotional health, people often clam up. In the older generations issues like depression and  Social Anxiety Disorder were seen as weaknesses, but thankfully the times are changing and people are speaking out about Mental Health Awareness. Still though, there are people […]

A Huggable Picture Frame Makes More than Just a Great Gift

Our photo dolls are huggable picture frames; they let you put a photo into a slot on the doll’s face. And while there are different types of photo dolls out there, using one as an easy-to-carry, huggable picture frame has lots of benefits – just ask any therapist. Picture boards are often used in therapy […]

We’re Helping Special Needs Children

Helping special needs children is an admirable job. Children who suffer from disabilities or have experienced trauma are often introduced to play therapy techniques to help them grow and develop. HUGGEEMISSYOU photo dolls have been used to help children in various stages of development rise to their full potential Play Therapy Techniques: A certified counselor […]

Sensory Toys for Autism that Truly Work

There is a lot of supportive information about the benefits of using sensory toys for autism therapies. Autism play therapy, in particular, encourages parents to use products that can help sooth or stimulate a child on the spectrum. And with the growing acknowledgment that approximately one out of every 100 children will be affected by […]