Because Everyone Needs Huggs: Personalized Dolls For Deployment Gifts & More

Huggs to Go has a mission: to put a smile on the face of every person big or small, missing a loved one! There is no worse pain than being unable to see a beloved mother, father or loved one perhaps because of divorce, a hospital stay, military service or other reason for separation. Who doesn’t need huggs from the person they love? That’s why we created Huggee Miss You Dolls: a photo doll perfect as deployment gifts and then some for the person who needs huggs right away but simply can’t get them!

What are Huggee Miss You Dolls Exactly? From Mommy Dolls to Deployment Gifts

Our Huggee Miss You Dolls are recordable or non-recordable photo personalized dolls that come in over 20 different designs for you to fall in love with! This photo doll is meant to make your loved one feel as if he or she is right next to you, even when you’re not around!

 Our personalized dolls:

  • Have many designs
  • Photo Doll: Simply insert a picture into our clear 2″ x 3″ pocket that is over our adorable embroidered doll face.
  • Recordable: Don’t just send a hugg! Send a personalized message by recording over the phone or computer.  Even better? You can re-record as you like & protect your recording when it’s saved!

Easy to Use Photo Doll!

Our Huggee Miss You doll is not only the perfect gift to remind a little one or big one of someone he or she loves, but they’re also easy to use! Add a picture, record a message and hugg!

The photo doll is:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy to clean & color fast
  • Non-recordable dolls are machine washable!

What kind of Huggee are you? Mommy Dolls & Deployment Gifts

Whether you’re missing someone due to:

  • Health issues & hospitalization
  • Military service—these are perfect deployment dolls!
  • Divorce
  • College or Boarding School
  • Camp
  • Maternity stay
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Any reason!

Our customizable dolls can be shipped across the nation or the sea! Contact us today to send huggs to someone you love Toll Free: 1-888-HUG-TOGO (484-8646)