Why Huggee

Connect with Family and Friends

“These are the best of times and the worst of times.” This wonderful quote could not be any truer at a time when we’re yearning to connect with family and friends. In an economy that’s forcing over 80% of mothers to join the workforce and many people having to come out of retirement, there’s less time for us to give much-needed love and attention we all deserve. Now more than ever, friends and family are fighting so hard to stay in contact with their loved ones.

Send Sweet Love Messages with Huggee

The good news is there’s a heartwarming, fun-loving and affordable way to connect with family and friends. Whether it’s a girl or boy, adult or a child, a HUGGEE MISS YOU™ doll is perfect for the one you love. This unique stuffed doll with photo face lets your friends and family not only see you, but HUGG you as much as they want. Plus, you can further customize your HUGGEE MISS YOU™ with your own voice so they can see and HEAR your sweet love messages.

Huggee is perfect for:

College-bound friends. Be there for them while they’re living away from home for the first time.
Giving birth. Parents love having their new baby’s picture displayed on their stuffed doll with photo face They’re perfect for grandparents and kids at home missing Mommy while she’s giving birth.
Charities. Many wonderful charitable organizations have used HUGGEE MISS YOU™ as a way to raise funds for their causes and receive BIG sponsors and/or grants to be able to purchase their own custom HUGGEE MISS YOU™.
Companies. From small businesses to Fortune 100 corporations, HUGGEE MISS YOU™ is a memorable promotional tool for clients, events and charitable donations. Friends and family will love our brand-building creations.
The truth is, you’re only limited by your imagination in the ways and places a Huggee doll can make a difference, including camp, preschool, daycare, nursing homes, death, divorce, illness, giving birth, big sister/big brother, special needs, grandparents, separation anxiety, military, starting kindergarten, party favors, boyfriend/girlfriend, Mother’s Day, Father’ Day, stocking stuffers, get-well presents, breast cancer support, and more!


Looking for a way to make a charitable donation, honor the memory of a loved one, or simply just spread some sweet love messages? With our Give a Hug Program, you can donate as many HUGGEE MISS YOU™ dolls as you wish and we take care of all the details. That means you get the joy of giving a widely loved stuffed doll with photo face while we do all the work.
Contact HUGGEE MISS YOU™ today and start sending smiles to friends and family around the world. Because you cannot always be there for the one’s you love. HUGGEE MISS YOU™ CAN!