Fire / Police - Recordable

Police and Firemen Dolls that Comfort 

Ask a group of children what they want to be when they grow up, and many will say a fireman or police officer. Kids idolize these heroes, and even more so when they have a family member who protects and serves. Police kids and fireman kids may find themselves worried about their mother or father when they’re away from home doing their jobs. Now, they can have personalized dolls that comfort them.

HUGGEE MISS YOU™ police and firefighter dolls can be there for kids when you can’t be. Whether you’re called away to an emergency in the middle of the night or work regular might hours, these heart-warming dolls serve as a reminder of you and your bravery while you’re away.

Gifts for the Police Kids and Fireman Kids in Your Life

Our customizable dolls that comfort are dedicated to protecting kids with HUGGS and love. Personalize your own with a recording of your own voice so they can see and HEAR a special message from you. Shop, customize and send your favorite doll for someone today!

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