Help Ease Student Stress

Middle school is full of social and academic challenges, making student stress a very common issue. It’s easy for parents to feel helpless when trying to help their children work through it. If you’re feeling this way, fear not. Here are some tips to prevent your child from feeling overwhelmed and to help manage their stress.

Tips to Manage Middle School Anxiety

Help your child identify their feelings.

Many adolescents don’t realize they’re feeling stress. As a parent, you can help your son or daughter manage middle school anxiety by helping them figure out what they’re feeling. Keep it casual. Get the conversation going during a drive or while preparing dinner together. Mention you’ve noticed something has been bothering him or her and help them put name on what it might be. Simply talking about feelings can provide relief.

Help them prepare for experiences and changes.

It’s common for kids to need advice for middle school. Whether they’re just starting out or approaching the end, it’s a good idea to prepare them for what’s to come. While you can’t prepare them for everything, discussing new classes, friendships, teachers and other aspects of school take the anxiety out of new experiences.

Celebrate achievements.

Much of student stress comes from having to face challenging situations. You can help boost their confidence by celebrating even the smallest successes. It could be for something as simple as walking to school for the first time with friends or trying out for a sports team. Knowing success minimize the nerves that come with facing bigger challenges.

Encourage relaxation.

In middle school, anxiety can build like steam in a locomotive. If your child doesn’t find a way to release that pressure, it’s likely to reach a fever pitch. Encourage your son or daughter to blow off some steam by going to the movies, accompanying you to the gym or hanging with friends.

Know you need outside help.

Sometimes parental advice for middle school students experiencing stress isn’t enough. If that seems like the case with your child, there are many mental health experts who specialize in stress management for children. Reach out for help if you think it’s time.