Classic - Recordable

Classic Recordable Soft Fabric Dolls

Each of our custom plush dolls is on a mission: to put a smile on the face of every person big or small. We created HUGGEE as dolls that comfort kids, but they’re actually for ANYONE you love! Whether it’s a girl or boy, adult or child, our classic recordable dolls make the perfect statement for a best friend, a sports lover, or anyone you care about.

Send a Message with Custom Plush Dolls

Our classic recordable soft fabric dolls can be personalized with photos and recordings. Simply insert your favorite photo into the clear 2″ x 3″ pocket and record a message over the phone or computer.  Even better? You can re-record as you like and protect your recording when it’s saved!

If you’re looking for dolls that comfort kids and adults, or simply want a unique gift to make someone smile, browse our classic designs, customize and send them a HUGGEE MISS YOU™ doll today!

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