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Soldiers home in time for Mother’s Day

Few Children get to experience real magic, but that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday, April 28, to a shy, blonde five-year-old named Addison Woodburn. That day she found her mother inside a magic box and realized her father had been the helper bear all along. Serving in the Louisiana Army National Guard with the 528th […]

Operation Give a Hug

Have you ever just needed a hug? A real hug – thoroughly reciprocated and so powerful that you’re lifted off the ground and swayed side to side? Kids who miss their daddies are in need of a hug, and it’s no coincidence that this simple gesture is the very first thing exchanged between returning service […]

FB Reunites Deployed Soldier’s Son With Lost ‘Daddy Doll’

Judah and Noah Gossett love their “Daddy dolls” — customized toys featuring the smiling face of their military father. The boys’ dad is serving in Afghanistan on his fifth tour overseas, and the dolls provide comfort while their father is away. So when the Judah Gossett lost his prized possession on Tuesday in a Manalapan, […]

Mommy Katie – Product Review

Give a Hug Anytime from Anywhere with a Huggee Miss You from Huggs to Go With kids, whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend or a caregiver, you learn that a child’s love is unlike any other. A child is so innocent, and children love so many in their lives, and with kids, […]

North Jersey Inventors –

  When Audrey Storch was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995, her sons Adam and Jesse were only 7 and 4. The separation anxiety during her illness and treatments were particularly bad for Jesse. Storch gave him a photo of her and her husband to take to bed with him, but one night while he […]

Making the Most of Adversity

Adversity happens in every business.  Audrey will share strategies for making the most of adversity and turning adversity around.  Join Donna in asking Audrey the burning questions — how do you take a bad situation and make it work for you?  Can you always turn adversity into something good?  What are your questions??  Read more.