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Memory Problems: Doll Therapy And Dementia

When your family members grow older or have a variety of health issues, you may be faced with watching them suffer with memory problems. While people may suffer with memory issues due to stress, mental health issues or nutritional imbalances, dementia is when memory loss becomes worse over time. As families go through this…watching someone […]

A Huggable Picture Frame Makes More than Just a Great Gift

Our photo dolls are huggable picture frames; they let you put a photo into a slot on the doll’s face. And while there are different types of photo dolls out there, using one as an easy-to-carry, huggable picture frame has lots of benefits – just ask any therapist. Picture boards are often used in therapy […]

We Help People Coping with Dementia

Coping with dementia can be frustrating, both for the patient and the caregiver. The early stages might include some forgetfulness in terms of names, or where the patient’s car keys are, but later stages can lead to the loss of communication skills. Doctors recommend visual and audio support for people with dementia – and that’s […]