We Help People Coping with Dementia

Coping with dementia can be frustrating, both for the patient and the caregiver. The early stages might include some forgetfulness in terms of names, or where the patient’s car keys are, but later stages can lead to the loss of communication skills. Doctors recommend visual and audio support for people with dementia – and that’s exactly how Huggs to Go can help.

The HUGGEE MISS YOU photo dolls are the perfect gifts for people with Alzheimer’s (or any form of dementia, really) because they provide visual and audio stimulation. And because you can personalize them with photos of loved ones, they serve as memory clues as well.

Gifts and Support for People with Dementia

When you’re searching for great gifts for people with Alzheimer’s, it’s all about the five senses. The Alzheimer’s Association says that the best presents and support for people with dementia are one that stimulate as many of the sense as possible, in positive and uplifting ways.  A HUGGEE MISS YOU doll can help you with that goal.

  • They’re incredibly plush. The dolls are made 100% hypoallergenic cotton, and are soft and squeezable. Soft, comfortable toys can produce pleasant feelings, and may even encourage patients to reminisce about similar plush toys or clothes.
  • You can record a 10 second message. Huggs to Go will let you record the message over the phone, too. If you don’t want a message, you can record 10 seconds of a favorite sound, like birds chirping or babies laughing. The audio stimulation makes coping with dementia easier on patients and caregivers, as it can ease the patient’s stress.
  • There’s room for a photo in the front. For patients in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, a photo of a child or grandchild – or even a spouse – with the name printed underneath can help jog the patient’s memory. In cases where you want gifts for people’s with Alzheimer’s in the later stages, inserting a photo of flowers or the ocean, or something similarly soothing, can also help alleviate the patient’s stress.
  • The dolls can be customized by color. Visual stimulation is key when you’re purchasing gifts for loved ones with dementia.  The HUGGEE MISS YOU dolls come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can choose one that best suits the patient.
  • Dementia patients may attach the dolls to their past. When people with Alzheimer’s lose their memory, more often than not it’s the newer memories that go first. The HUGGEE MISS YOU doll may have the added benefits of reminding patients of their childhood toys, triggering a pleasurable emotional response.
  • Dolls are wonderful protectors. Once of the more severe side effects of Alzheimer’s occurs as the sun goes down.  Some patients become confused and disoriented, while others experience night terrors. Keeping the doll in bed with them may help keep patients calm if they experience nightmares or the effects of “sundowning,” as it may be immediately familiar, if not completely recognizable.

Great Gift Ideas for People in Nursing Homes

Huggs to Go is a family company that believes in the power of love. Their photo dolls were designed to bring comfort and joy to anyone who needs it, making them ideal gifts for people in nursing homes who don’t see their families often – or don’t remember their families when they do. Recordable dolls have universal symbols on their hands, too, so patients who have lost the ability to communicate in words can still enjoy the sounds or message you record on the doll.

Do you need some support for people with dementia? Let Huggee help! We make coping with dementia a little bit easier. For more information about shipping a doll across the nation or across the sea, CONTACT US today!