Helping Kids Cope with Separation

Helping your kids cope with a divorce or separation may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Huggs to Go was created from the need to comfort a child with separation anxiety. That’s why the HUGGEE MISS YOU doll works so well for helping a child through a divorce or separation – and why it works in such a fun, positive way.

If you need a little assistance helping your kids cope with separation issues, A HUGGEE MISS YOU doll may just do the trick.

  • Each doll has a photo slot. Kids process information differently than adults. Very small children don’t always understand that just because you’ve left their field of vision, doesn’t mean you’re not coming back again. Each doll feature a place for a photo of you right over the face of the doll, which can keep babies and toddlers from becoming stressed when a loved one leaves.
  • There’s a recordable feature. Once your kids are a little older, they process time differently. A long separation, even for something like a hospital stay, could cause your child to feel a lot of stress. Because you can record your voice for up to 10 seconds on our dolls, they’re great for helping kids cope with longer – or even permanent – separations. They can play your voice as many times as they need to in order to feel better.
  • You can customize the design. Sometimes kids internalize their fears.  A young child may not realize that a divorce is not about them. By choosing a design that’s special to you and your children, you’re helping your kids through the divorce process by reinforcing your bond with them, and acknowledging that you want to continue to share that bond. For example, you might choose a doll that says “I love you,” or a doll in your child’s favorite color.
  • They’re not just for kids. One of the most important things to know about how to help kids with separation anxiety is that it could be your stress that’s affecting them. Adults stress out, too, over separation. So ordering a HUGGEE MISS YOU doll for yourself might be a good idea to help relieve your own stress levels. You could have your children record their voices, or choose a photo they like best. In this way, they know you won’t “forget” them – and you’ll have a loveable keepsake of your own to hold and listen to when you start to miss them.

Huggs Are Great for Helping a Child through Divorce

We believe that the best ways of helping a child through divorce are ones that create and/or reinforce positive aspects of your particular relationship with your child. With the HUGGEE MISS YOU doll, you can do a little bit of both. You can even turn it into a project you do together.  By allowing your child to be a part of the creation of the doll, you’re letting him or her create a new, fun memory of your time together.

There are psychologists who recommend that divorce parents create audio or video recordings to give their children, especially if their children live too far away for extended visits.  Huggs to Go photo dolls are soft and plush. So while your child listens to your voice, or looks at your picture, s/he can also give “you” a hug.  And because you can change out the picture over the face, you can constantly update the photos your child uses. The current photos will remind your child that you are an active, present part of his/her life.

Need some idea for helping kids through a divorce? Let Huggee help! We know how to help kids with separation anxiety. For more information about shipping our photo dolls across the nation or across the sea, CONTACT US today!