A Huggable Picture Frame Makes More than Just a Great Gift

Our photo dolls are huggable picture frames; they let you put a photo into a slot on the doll’s face. And while there are different types of photo dolls out there, using one as an easy-to-carry, huggable picture frame has lots of benefits – just ask any therapist.

Picture boards are often used in therapy sessions for children with autism. Because communication skills are often hard for people with spectrum disorders, and because kids and adults with autism also respond differently to their surroundings, it’s really important to find the right “tools” to help them grow and live in the world.

That’s where these huggable picture frames come in. Parents, therapists and caretakers can place pictures of loved ones or pictures of everyday objects in the photo slot, basically turning the doll into a stuffed picture frame. They can be used during play therapy sessions, during speech therapy sessions or even during everyday tasks to help the child, teen or adult with autism put the picture and the name together.

But the dolls are also good for helping people who live alone, or feel lonely for their friends and family. You can also use them to help teach children the names and faces of their parents, grandparents and neighbors, and to send pictures to your loved ones in a fun and creative way. In fact, the dolls are used:

  • During physical therapy
  • By occupational therapist
  • At appointments with a children’s therapist
  • By Social Services
  • By parents who live abroad, or are stationed overseas
  • By grandparents who live far away or in nursing homes
  • For first-time sleep overs, so your little one doesn’t miss home as much

Because it’s in a soft picture frame, your loved one is in no danger of hurting themselves. For those with autism, the plushness of the doll can encourages them to touch the doll, to interact with the doll and to look at the photo.  Holding a huggable picture frame creates warm feelings, too, in adults and kids at college who feel homesick.

How a Stuffed Picture Frame is Lifting Hearts Around the World

A stuffed picture frame does a lot of good in other ways, too. Since more and more of our loved ones are away from home for longer periods of time because they serve in the military and for so many other reasons, now they have a way to feel like they have a piece of home with them. If they cannot hug their child, parent, brother, sister or friend, they can hold the doll with a picture of their loved one instead. And though a doll is no substitute for a person, our huggable photo frame – especially ours with a recorded message – has and is helping hundreds of thousands of children and adults missing the ones they love. In fact, dolls like these have helped:

  • Children, spouses and parents of military members
  • Grandparents in assisted living facilities
  • Kids going off to college (and their families, too)
  • Friends and families in hospitals or long-term care facilities
  • Babies and children in daycare centers
  • Children who have lost a parent
  • Friends and family who have moved to another part of the country (or even the world)
  • Children on their way to summer camp
  • Anyone missing anyone they love

Because you can’t always be there for the one you love, Huggee Miss You CAN!

They also make excellent gifts for travelers, as a soft picture frame they don’t break like glass does. Plus, the photos can be changed out as often as you like, guaranteeing that these stuffed picture frames can be reused by multiple people for years to come.

In today’s world, as great as technology is, you still sometimes just need a hugg from the ones you love. Now with Huggee Miss You, everyone can Hugg the ones they love even when they can’t be there in person with them. 

Love has no gender / age / race.  Give a Hugg to the one you love.