The Most Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts This Year

It can be tricky finding unique Valentine’s Day gifts for your main squeeze, year after year.  How many boxes of chocolate or flowers can you really give – or receive? But with Huggs to Go, you’re guaranteed to find the most original Valentine’s Day gifts ever!

The HUGGEE MISS YOU dolls from Huggs To Go are among the most unique Valentine’s Day gifts you’ll see this holiday season. They’re customizable photo dolls that come in a variety of colors and patterns. If you’re searching for romantic Valentine’s Day gifts, then our Red and White dolls are sweet to see — while our I Love You doll says it all.

So how can YOU get the perfect personalized Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones?  It’s easy: Huggs to Go takes care of everything.

  1. Choose your design. Pick your perfect doll. We offer traditional Valentine’s colors, but you can also choose from Nursery patterns, Hearts, bright colors or uniform designs.
  2. Email us a photo. We’ll resize the photo so that it fits easily into the designated photo spot on the front of the doll.
  3. Record your message. For truly original Valentine’s Day gifts, order the dolls that say “I Love You” in more ways than one! You can even record your 10 second message over the phone. If you’re ordering from overseas, you can record your message online and send it to us that way, too.
  4. Give us your message. We’ll write down what you want in your free card and packages it with your photo doll.
  5. Let us do the rest. Once we have your order ready, we’ll safely and securely pack up your doll and your message, and gift wrap the whole package.

We’ll even hold onto your present until YOU want it sent. So you can order one of our unique Valentine’s Day gifts today, and wait to have it delivered for the big day. Our dolls are easy to love and easy to clean, made of 100% hypoallergenic cotton. We never use any lead products, and we include batteries at No Additional Charge, to ensure that your loved ones can play your message the moment they open the doll. The HUGGEE MISS YOU doll has universal symbols stitched into the hands, so even your littlelest bundles of love will know how to hear the message you left just for them.

Original Valentine’s Day Gifts for Anyone at Any Time

Of course, romantic Valentine’s Day gifts are ideal for Love’s favorite day – but you don’t have to wait to spread the love.  Our dolls make super sweet presents for any holiday occasion:

  • ·         Valentine’s Day
  • ·         Birthdays
  • ·         Christmas
  • ·         Hanukkah

Well even include a fun message on the outside of the box in HUGE letters, like “DO NOT OPEN ‘TIL XMAS!” or “DO NOT OPEN ‘TIL VALENTINE’S DAY!” And if you place an order a Huggs to Go personalized Valentine’s Day gift before the day gets here, there’s no charge for the message! It’s just one more way for all of us to wish you a very happy Huggs to Go holiday season.

Looking for romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for your loved one? Let Huggee help! We want your holidays to be the best you’ve ever had.  For more information about shipping a personalized Valentine’s Day gift across the nation or across the sea, CONTACT US today!