Firefighters Gifts


Non recordable – $16.95, click here to BUY
Recordable $19.95, click here to BUY

Unique Firefighter Gifts for Everyone!

Huggs To Go™ is so proud of its newest products for Firemen! These wonderful Firefighter gifts are perfect for anyone who knows and loves a firefighter.

  •          Kids
  •          Wives
  •          Husbands
  •          Grandparents
  •          Neighbors
  •          Firefighter Cadets

These HUGEE MISS YOU™ Hero Dolls are the perfect way to show our heroes how much they mean to us! Like our other photo dolls, the Fireman HMY™ features a place to insert a picture of the firefighter’s face. Or if a firefighter is the recipient of the gift, you could use a picture of his/her family instead!

These incredible Hero Dolls can help make fundraisers even more special. Huggs To Go™ will work with any organization that wants to raise money for injured or fallen firefighters. Our photo dolls make terrific gifts too, for raffles or “door prizes” for any local Fire Company that’s hosting a fundraising event.

Hero Dolls for Kids of Any Age

Everyone wants to hug a hero, right? With the Fireman HMY™ doll, now you can! If you’re looking for fireman gift ideas, our dolls are for you. You can even record a custom, 10 second message, so that your kids (or your heroes) can hear your voice whenever they want!

The HMY Firefighter gifts will be available in August!


Non recordable – $16.95, click here to BUY
Recordable $19.95, click here to BUY

What kind of Huggee are you? Our original photo dolls can be customized by design and sound, too! For more information about shipping our recordable dolls across the nation or across the sea so you can Hug a Hero, CONTACT US today!