Successful Play Therapy Techniques for Children with ADD & ADHD

Once of the reasons that play therapy techniques are so successful is that a bond is formed between the therapist and the child. They’re successful in particular with children with ADD or ADHD because they help kids to focus their impulse control. The HUGEE MISS YOU photo doll is an excellent addition to any program for ADHD treatment for children. The dolls can be used in a variety of ways.

  1. Good manners. Play therapy activities for ADD/ADHD often work on politeness.  Children with these disorders lack control, and often blurt out responses to questions in class, or interrupt conversations between other people to say whatever is on their mind.  The HUGGEE MISS YOU doll can act as a “stand in” during therapy, so that the child can learn not to interrupt. The therapist may also encourage a child to speak to the doll itself, to practice being polite and well-mannered.
  2. Soothing sensory stimulation. For children with ADD/ADHD, too much stimulation can cause increased levels of stress, and make settling down to a task even more difficult.  The HUGGEE MISS YOU dolls are soft and plush, and hugging them or petting their material may be incorporated in the calming techniques used for children with the disorders.
  3. Gentle reminders. Certain HUGGEE MISS YOU dolls are recordable. Therapists or parents could record a 10 second message on the doll that reminds children to brush their teeth, do their homework or make the bed.  The child can also use the doll to record messages for him/herself.
  4. Positive reinforcement. Children with ADD or ADHD hear the word “No” a lot, even while they’re playing. But with the HUGGEE MISS YOU doll, the child can indulge in play therapy activities that allow him/her to play creatively.  The dolls are durable enough to withstand some roughhousing, and their bright patterns allow for imaginative storytelling or coloring. By implementing play therapy techniques that give the child some freedom, therapists can ease the stress that comes from a day of being told not to do something.

ADHD Treatment for Children Using Dolls

Many doctors will tell you that successful ADHD treatment for children combines behavioral reconditioning with positive reinforcement. One of the benefits of using a Huggs to Go photo doll is that you can change out the picture on the doll whenever you want.  By using a picture of yourself or of a teacher, you can encourage the child to speak directly about any frustrations s/he might have.  To help a child become more self-aware, you can place a photo of the child in the picture slot, and encourage the child to tell you how s/he feels about him/herself. You can use the same basic play therapy techniques using photos of family pets, distant relatives or even strangers. It allows you or the therapist to gain added insight to how your child process information about people. The structure of the play can also be used as part of the calming techniques for kids who have difficulty expressing their feelings verbally.

Looking for play therapy activities for you and your child? Let Huggee help! Our dolls can be implemented into your calming techniques for kids with ADD/ADHD.  For more information about shipping a doll across the nation or across the sea,CONTACT US today!