Memorable Photo Gifts for Grandparents

It’s hard to be away from our families: that’s why Huggs to Go offers personalized photo gifts for grandparents sure to make them smile. Our HUGGEE MISS YOU dolls are wonderful gifts for nursing home residents who aren’t able to see their children and grandchildren as often as they’d like.

Our unique photo dolls are plush and washable, and feature a space to insert a photo of you or your family.

And at Huggs to Go, we know that finding the perfect gift ideas for seniors can be hard: what do you get the men and women you love who have everything? Now you can give them a gift that’s truly precious with our personalized photo dolls. They also make cherished gifts for grandchildren, who can keep a picture of Grandma and Grandpa with them always in dolls of their own.

Unique Gifts for Nursing Home Residents

We know that sometimes, you can’t be with the ones you love. When you have responsibilities at home, or live too far away to travel every weekend, our gifts for nursing home residents can help. Huggs to Go also offers recordable photo gifts for grandparents. The dolls will store up to 15 seconds of your voice — you can even record it over the phone!

With the HUGGEE MISS YOU doll, you and your loved ones can be with each other every day of the year. We’ve worked with hundreds of thousands of families, and we’re ready to be a part of your lives, too. Everyone deserves a Hugg!

Looking for gift ideas for seniors? Let Huggee help! We want your holidays to be the best you’ve ever had.  For more information about shipping our photo dolls across the nation or across the sea, CONTACT US today!