We’re Helping Special Needs Children

Helping special needs children is an admirable job. Children who suffer from disabilities or have experienced trauma are often introduced to play therapy techniques to help them grow and develop. HUGGEEMISSYOU photo dolls have been used to help children in various stages of development rise to their full potential

  • Play Therapy Techniques: A certified counselor or psychologist will use the HMY doll to watch how children engage with the doll.
  • Speech Therapy Techniques: A recordable feature allows your child to listen to and mimic the sounds coming from the doll. The child can record his/her voice, too, so the therapist can hear any changes.
  • Physical Therapy Techniques: Physical therapists can demonstrate proper movement techniques to children with neurological disorders, or who have suffered a form of trauma. They can also practice by putting a picture in / removing a picture from the photo slot.
  • Occupational Therapy Techniques: The dolls can be used to demonstrate every day activities, helping special needs children learn how to take basic care of themselves.

Successful Play Therapy Techniques

HMY dolls can also help with autism. Therapists and teachers who work with children with autism can use the dolls to mimic basic human interactions, and some children on the spectrum will “talk” for a doll. At Special NeedsHuggs To Go™, we believe that helping special needs children is a worthy cause. Our plush photo dolls help in creating a safe environment for children – and adults – who need some extra care: because everyone needs a Hugg, right?

What kind of Huggee are you? Our photo dolls have helped thousands of anxious kids – and adults – who have special needs. Huggs To Go™ is also dedicated to the goal to help with autism. For more information about shipping our dolls across the nation or across the sea, CONTACT US today!