Sensory Toys for Autism that Truly Work

There is a lot of supportive information about the benefits of using sensory toys for autism therapies. Autism play therapy, in particular, encourages parents to use products that can help sooth or stimulate a child on the spectrum. And with the growing acknowledgment that approximately one out of every 100 children will be affected by Asperger’s Syndrome, the toy market has been inundated with products to use in play therapy for Asperger’s, too. But some of these toys can be cost-prohibitive to parents.

At Huggs to Go, you’ll find sensory toys for autism, Asperger’s and PDD that are both effective and easy on your wallet. The HUGGEE MISS YOU photo doll has been used successfully by therapists to help children on the spectrum in a variety of ways.

  • Sensory stimulation. The HUGGEE MISS YOU dolls are soft and plush, making them pleasing in a tactile way. They also come in a variety of bright colors and patterns. The colors and textures make them excellent sensory toys for kids with autism.
  • Socialization therapy. For children with Autism, play therapy often starts with a one-on-one interaction, and may eventually increase to add more children to the mix.  The dolls feature a slot for a photo, so therapists can put a picture of another person the child sees less often, like a distant family member or a new doctor, in the slot. This can help the child get adjusted to seeing this new person in a safe environment.
  • Language building skills. For children with autism or PDD, it may be difficult to communicate with others what their needs are. Language just takes longer for them. The HUGGEE MISS YOU doll has a recordable feature, and therapists may use it to record a child’s speech. It can also be used in speech therapy for PDD or autism by allowing the therapist to record a message that the child can listen to repeatedly. The child can then mimic what s/he hears.
  • Appropriate verbal responses. Children on the spectrum often have difficulty appropriately expressing how they feel. They may also struggle with providing an appropriate verbal response to questions they hear. By using the HUGGEE MISS YOU dolls in play therapy for Asperger’s or autism, therapists can help teach children what kinds of answers are acceptable. They can also encourage children to speak to, or for, the doll itself, which is less stressful than communicating with other people.

Play Therapy for Asperger’s, Autism and PDD

Toys designed to stimulate the senses are important tools for parents, doctors and therapists. That’s why Huggs to Go’s sensory toys for autism and spectrum disorders might be just what you need.  The dolls are lead-free and 100% hypoallergenic, and the recordable varieties come with batteries. The bright colors and soft material make them appealing to children who are both hypo- and hyper-sensitive to sensory stimulation. And because you can use them for developing language skills, they’re excellent in therapy sessions for Asperger’s patients.

Looking for tools for autism play therapy? Let Huggee help! Our dolls are perfect for therapy for PDD.  For more information about shipping a doll across the nation or across the sea, CONTACT US today!