Unique Gifts for Family Far Away

As much as we’d like to be surrounded by our loved ones at all times, most of us have family and friends that don’t live nearby. When you’re looking for gifts for family far away or long-distance friends, there’s nothing quite like a HUGGEE doll. These dolls can be personalized with photos and vocal recordings, making them the perfect gifts for older parents, children and everyone in between.

HUGGEEs are the Best Gifts for Long Distance Friends and Family

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to hug the ones you love no matter where in the world they are? At Huggs To Go, we want you to be able to. We understand you can’t always be there for the ones you love, but our huggable, squeezable, custom dolls can! When it comes to long distance best friend gifts or gifts for family far away, the HUGGEE doll can be there in your place until you see each other again! It’s like a talking picture frame they can hold close to their heart.

Maybe your parent moved away in retirement or you rarely see your best friend from college because they live across the country. You can be there for them and even say what you feel with a custom, recordable photo doll! Plus, let’s face it. It can be tough to come up with new gifts year after year. But these unique creations make the perfect gifts for older parents, younger children and anyone else you miss.

Each HUGGEE photo doll is:

  • * ALL hypo-allergenic
  • * ALL Chemical FREE!
  • * ALL stain resistant and spot cleanable.
  • * ALL non recordable are machine washable and dryer safe.  Delicate cycle. Recommend to tie “hair” in ponytail or put doll in mesh bag to protect the yarn.
  • * ALL have a clear plastic pocket over the cute embroidered face for you to slide your picture in!
  • * ALL our products are SAFE FOR ALL AGES!

And our recordable dolls:

  • * ALL same great features as above EXCEPT cannot machine wash. Stain Resistant and Spot Cleanable
  • * Ten long seconds to record your loving message.
  • * Can record not only in person, but over the phone, computer, from ANY device!
  • * Can lock your message in so it can’t accidentally be erased, Can re-record as often as you want.
  • * If you ever need to change your batteries, you do NOT lose your message!

Buy Your HUGGEE Gifts for Family Far Away Today!

Your long distance best friends gifts, family presents and more are waiting to be personalized right now! Just pick your favorite pattern and design, then find your photo and get ready for fun! Huggs To Go will ship your huggable plush dolls within 48 hours of receipt, and anywhere you wish, including APO, AE, and FPO boxes. Contact us today to order the best gifts for long distance friends and family.