Support Children with Comfort Dolls

Being a kid is tough, but it’s even more difficult when you’re missing a parent or loved one. Whether Daddy is in the hospital or Mommy is on a military deployment, a child who longs for the one they love could use a little comfort therapy.  And one of the best forms comes in the shape of the most special toys—photo dolls!

Benefits of a Lovey Toy to Hug While They’re Away

In those difficult moments when the pain of missing someone feels to tough to bear, a photo doll is there to hug and squeeze until they come back. Whatever the reason for the separation, comfort dolls are an ever-present reminder for a child that provide with real, tangible comfort.

  1. These special toys are there when the child needs support.
    Separation anxiety is difficult for anyone, but especially children. Whether it’s due to attending school for the first time, going to camp, a divorce, military service, or a maternity or hospital stay, photo dolls provide comfort therapy in a way that’s familiar.
  2. They’re personalized.
    These recordable or non-recordable photo dolls come in a variety of different designs but they’re personalized, so a child will truly fall in love with it! Meant to make a child feel like their loved one is right next to him or her, this lovey toy holds a precious photo and can include a special message recorded with their loved one’s voice to soothe their pain when they need it most. Even better, the messages can be changed over and over with every new period of separation!
  1. Comfort dolls are hypoallergenic and easy to clean.
    All that hugging and squeezing can do a number on these special toys—and the child! It’s good to know that when germs fly, allergies set in or extra support is needed, photo dolls are durable for even the toughest moments. Non-recordable dolls are machine washable and the recordable ones hold up to the strongest cleaning agents.

The old saying seems true—absence truly does make the heart grow fonder, especially for a kid missing his or her family. Comfort therapy with a lovey toy is the next best thing to having them there in person! Customize these special toys for your little ones today!