Care Package Ideas for Soldiers

Receiving a care package from home can do so much for a deployed service member. But choosing a going away gift for someone being deployed can seem difficult. The good news is, finding and packing up the package can make you feel even closer to your loved one. Here are some meaningful care packages ideas for soldiers to get you inspired.

Choosing Your Care Package or Going Away Gift for Someone Being Deployed

Your deployed service member will surely appreciate anything you send, but some things are particularly special or useful. Before putting together your soldier’s care package, think about what might make them smile or make their days a little easier.

• Voice Recording Gift Ideas
Imagine if you were away from your family in unfamiliar surroundings. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear their voice? With today’s advancements in technology, you can record a special message and send it along for them to play anytime they want. HUGGEE MISS YOU™ soft military dolls are great voice recording gift ideas that can be there for them while they’re away. Whether they’re in the navy, air force, marines or army, they will have a soft bodied doll that comforts them and reminds them of you, along with a recorded message that can be changed time and time again.

• Snacks
Soldiers need their energy on and off the work field. Look for small, hard containers of chips, pretzels, and nuts, which are easier to carry than large containers. If you do send large bags or containers, include small zipper-lock bags so your loved one can pack smaller amounts of snacks to carry. Salty snacks are good for those deployed in the desert, especially in the summer months, because they will encourage your service member to drink more water and stay hydrated.

• Reminders of Home
All care package ideas for soldiers should be sure to include a personal note or other special reminder of home. Photographs, drawings, and videos of your activities at home will be comforting to your service member. Here are some more ideas:
o Your children’s art projects or schoolwork
o A small scrapbook filled with mementos from home
o Customizable dolls like the HUGGEE MISS YOU™ Inspirational Dolls can include a photo of your loved one and inspirational message, making great voice recordable gift ideas

If your service member needs the essentials but you want to save special items for your care package or going away gift for someone being deployed, purchase a gift certificate to the exchange. The program, Gifts from the Homefront, allows you to buy your service member a gift certificate good at any military exchange in the world.

At Huggs to Go, we care deeply about our deployed heroes. That’s why we discount their particular HUGGEE MISS YOU™ military dolls and help OPERATION GIVE A HUG and other wonderful charities for the troops.