Pre Deployment Gifts for the Families Left Behind

When our brave loved ones are deployed to serve our country, they leave behind the family and friends who love them. It’s obviously hard on them, but it’s also difficult for the family they leave. Nothing can compare to having them there, but pre deployment gifts can make it a little easier.

4 Deployment Gifts for Kids and Adults

  1. “Open When” Notes

Write your children, spouse, or other family members notes that they can only open on specific dates. These creative pre deployment gifts will give them something personal and meaningful to look forward to while you’re away.

  1. Gifts with Voice Recording

Even better than your written words are your spoken words. HUGGEE MISS YOU™ dolls are recordable deployment gifts for kids and adults that can be there for them while they’re away. Whether they’re in the navy, air force, marines or army, they will have a soft bodied doll that comforts them with sweet messages and reminders of you.

  1. Countdown Sign

Once you share your return date with your family, give them a countdown sign to hang in a common area. Whether it’s a chalk board, erasable board, or a customized one-a-day, rip-away calendar, they’ll have a daily reminder of you and when you’re coming home.

  1. Deployment Survival Kit

Maybe your children always expect a special note in the lunch box or perhaps you typically go to the gym every other day with your sibling. Create a survival  kit and leave it with another loved one who can take the actions you usually take in your place. Write out notes for your children and motivational words to your “workout buddy” before you leave. This is also where gifts with voice recording capability can come into play, because you can prerecord many different messages for a HUGGEE MISS YOU™ doll you leave behind.

Huggs to Go is Here to Help with Your Pre Deployment Gifts

We salute ALL our military families and ALL our soldiers who are deployed and making America safe. We know the little things can make your challenges a little easier. Whether it’s discounting your particular HUGGEE MISS YOU™  dolls or helping OPERATION GIVE A HUG and other wonderful charities for the troops, we hope our pre deployment gifts for kids and families will bring a smile to your faces.