Airforce – Non-Recordable Deployment Dolls


These are Non-Recordable Dolls, to order Recordable Dolls, click here.

While your loved ones are flying bravely in the airforce, you can relax knowing you can hear their voice loud and clear with our recordable HUGGEE MISS YOU™. You may be thousand of miles away, but your loved ones can hear you say;  Good night. I love you. Sleep tight. Record in person or over the phone, hugs and love are safe in your home. Dressed in 100% cotton twill, stain resistant and spot cleanable. Special military pricing for all of our military HUGGEE MISS YOU™ Daddy dolls/Mommy dolls/Solider dolls. We salute you and your loved one for serving our country.


While your favorite family member is away flying bravely in the Airforce, you can send them this doll, a favorite in our deployment dolls collection just to say, “I miss you.”

Or instead, if you’ve got air force children missing a family member and needing a reminder of mom or dad, this precious 100% cotton twill, stain resistant and spot cleanable doll is a wonderful way to help little ones feel a little better. The perfect gift if you’re looking for military care package ideas, this HUGGEE MISS YOU™ doll is one of the best and most personal Air Force gifts you’ll find! Are you serving our country? We give special military pricing for all our military customers!

For any orders for our personalized deployment dolls outside the USA, please email so we can get you the best shipping rates possible! We love that our dolls are one of the most cherished gifts amongst well-loved military care package ideas. Please include complete ship to address, phone and email address along with quantity and styles. Thank you and have a HUGGS Day!.

Another option is the Ribbon Flag print until more Air Force prints are available.

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