Enjoying Date Night With The Sensitive Child at Home

When you’re dealing with the sensitive child, any time away from home even if it’s time you and your spouse truly deserve, can be difficult. It’s hard to enjoy a special date night for parents out if you’ve got an upset kid who clings to you or gives the babysitter a tough time.

You don’t want to be insensitive to your little one, but it’s crucial that you as a couple get alone time. You can’t be a good parent if the two of you are not good as a team together.  Making time for date night will help the two of you reconnect and relax together as a couple. Every marriage and relationship needs this. Don’t feel guilty then about date night, you’ve got to find a way to help the sensitive child get through the night okay so mom and dad can enjoy their alone time.

Here are a few ways to help your sensitive little one out with separation from mom and dad:

Comforting Kids When Mom & Dad Are Out to Play

If you know you’re going to leave an upset kid while you and dad are grabbing dinner and drinks with friends, try these strategies that way both your child and the two of you can enjoy the evening—sans tears. Date night for parents should be all play—and no work!

1- Reward For the Next Day:

Tell your child how much you love him or her, but that it’s important parents get some time alone to talk about “boring adult stuff” even though it’s not boring to you. Offer a special reward for the next morning—not a sticker or a small treat, but perhaps something your child has been waiting for quite some time. Tell your child that while he or she has been waiting to go see or do X,Y and Z, you and your spouse have been waiting to do X,Y and Z together and if your kiddo can make good choices while you are away for the evening, he or she can enjoy a special reward the next day.

2-  A Memento of You

Why not leave a memento of you and your spouse for your child to enjoy and remind him or her of you while you’re gone? Here are some suggestions:

  • an old scrapbook of photos of you and your spouse when you were kids for your child to view
  • a personalized doll that contains a photo of you and even a special message you record for your child to hear—HuggstoGo makes amazing personalized dolls that an upset kid can hold onto when missing mom or dad
  • a video for your child to watch of you with a special message just for your kid—you can even use your smartphone to record one

3- Make the Babysitter a Special Treat

If you can find a very beloved person to be in your place while you’re out with your spouse, do it! This could be someone—anyone that you trust and your child loves. Perhaps the babysitter can also offer a special treat if your kiddo allows you to leave without any tears or drama.

Make sure whomever you choose to watch your sensitive kid is good at comforting kids. A sensitive child cannot help how he or she feels and just needs empathy and understanding. Going out on date night should be a blast and not torture, but for some kids, separation anxiety is hard. Try to be empathetic to your little one and if need be—and it is logistically possible, let him or her stay up until you’re home so at least your child will get a good night hug. Just be prepared for a tired and cranky kid the next day!