What Active Military Miss Most from Home

While we all come home at the end of a work day to our families, tired and happy to see each other, there are certain folks who never get to “return home” after work. Active military members.

Missing home is a part of the job when you’re on active duty in the military. Eventually, missing your loved ones and home comforts does get easier, but it never goes away. This is what makes our military members so special: they not only fight to protect and keep our country safe, but they also do so at their own emotional expense. Being away from family continuously is only for the very strong and brave.  With the holidays around the corner, so many of us will be missing folks we love. Certainly the holidays is hard for many people for many reasons—missing a loved one who recently passed, divorce or other hardships— but for military members, holidays never have the same feeling as they “celebrate” without the people they love very much.

There are so many things that our military service men and women as they serve our country, like home comforts, loved ones, personal freedoms, and more, but here are the top things that home sick military miss the most.

Missing Home: The Top “Things” That Military Service Men and Women Miss The Most

Of course, first we have the things we call creature comforts. Service men and women often think of these creature comforts as they’re missing home. Stuff the average person takes for granted!

  • The feel of their warm beds—with the mattress and comforter they love, washed in the detergent that smells “just like home”
  • A porch or backyard. Some attribute to a home or apartment that signaled “relaxation”
  • Foods and drinks made up just as they like, served as they like
  • A favorite pair of heels. A favorite baseball cap
  • Showers as long as they like

These are just a small number of the creature comforts active service men and women miss!

Home Sick For Home Freedom

Our military members miss  basic freedoms that civilians take for granted, like the ability to do things on their own schedule that they formerly had as civilians .e. To freely participate in their friends and families lives’ and make time for hobbies and events that bring them joy, peace and health.

Our military members miss the ability to make small choices that affect only them like, “Should I go to the gym with friends or should I attend a workshop at my child’s school?”

These are things our military do not get to consider. They don’t get to worry about what dress they want to wear or where to watch the football game.

Their lives are dictated around the military’s plan for our country’s safety—something many civilians can’t relate to.

Our active military is home sick for the ability to live life on one’s own terms again. To worry about the little things instead of fretting over the very HUGE things that affect the world.

And lastly…

They miss their loved ones

Send Care Packages For Soldiers Missing Loved Ones

While you’re missing your family member who is on active duty, he or she is missing you right back. All the care packages for soldiers that every organization and loved one sends make such a huge impact for our active duty members.

But the one gift you can send that will be the best care package, ever, is the Huggee Miss You Doll! This is the one gift that is perfect for the active duty service man or woman who misses a child or spouse —as well as for the person missing the loved one on active duty! These dolls are personalized 12″ dolls that come with different designs in order to remind the active service man or woman in your life of you! There are many options to make the Huggee Miss You doll perfect for your active duty family member such as:

  • Insert your photo over the sweet embroidered face—or even insert a group photo of the whole family!
  • Record a special personalized message so your loved one on active duty can hear a child or spouse’s voice.

These lovely dolls bring a hugg to wherever an active duty member is, even though his or her family is so far away. Truly, this takes all the care packages for soldiers in the world to a new level with a personal touch, bringing a “loved one” to life to the military member who is home sick for his or her family.