Featured On The NBC Nightly News Santa delivers wish for soldier’s daughter

Dec. 5: A three-year-old girl in North Carolina had only two things on her list for Santa: a blue truck, and her daddy, who’s been serving in Afghanistan since March. NBC’s Lester Holt reports.

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On December 5th, 2008, NBC Nightly News Nightline aired a heartwarming viewing of an adorable child of a deployed father. In her arms the whole time is our very own HUGGEE MISS YOU™ in our American Hearts Flag Print-12 inch size.

We are so very proud to have helped so many families who are separated from the ones they love whether it be the war, preschool, daycare, divorce, health reasons, camp, college, business trips or whatever reason is taking you away from your loved ones. Watch as Penny, this adorable 3 year old girl will NOT let go of her HUGGEE MISS YOU™ even when her father is right there for her to hug.

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