Comfort Toy: A Personalized Military / Army / Navy / Airforce / Marine Doll To Remind You Of Someone You Love

It can be very hard for people of all ages to watch as their loved ones go off to serve in the military. Whether you’re the mom of a marine or the little sister of a navy seal, a comfort toy that reminds you of the person you love can help make the pain and sadness of missing your loved one a little easier.

Huggs to Go makes personalized dolls that look just like the loved one who is out on military deployment, so you can make a personalized Military doll that has the face, look and voice of your favorite service man or woman!

And while it may seem trite to consider that a doll could be a real comfort toy to people of all ages, it’s not!

A personalized doll like our Huggee Miss you Dolls or toys that record your loved one’s voice, can really make a difference as you wait for your loved one to come back home, even if it’s just for a weekend, from military service.

Toys That Record Your Voice: Leave Your Loved Ones With A Part Of You

Now if you or someone you know may be off to serve our country, you are probably thinking of a billion things about what awaits you overseas or on your assignment.

But to someone who has to continue living the same life he or she has always had while a loved one leaves his or her side, it can be hard to deal with missing a person on active duty.

For the active duty member, there are so many new things and dangerous and risky situations that he or she has to navigate, that while this person will certainly get homesick, he or she has a lot of new things to think about.

For a loved one at home, everything is the same, but that one new thing is the person he or she loves…is gone.

That’s why friendships dolls or personalized dolls like Huggee Miss You Dolls are so great.

  1. With over 20 different designs, you can really personalize the doll to represent your proud serving loved one.
  2. Your loved one can record a message so when you “hug” your Huggee Miss You doll, you can also hear your loved one’s voice that you miss so much…friend or family member!
  3. Adding a photo of your friend or family member over the adorable embroidered doll face makes the doll even more personalized!
  4. Even better? Your active duty BFF can record a special message over the phone or computer so the doll can be made and ordered to you still from far away.

These beautiful personalized dolls are more than just military dolls or friendship dolls: they truly are the hug you need when you’re worried and missing someone out on duty.

While you fret over that person’s safety and just miss the sound of that person’s voice, our dolls will give you a little comfort and “part” of the person you love.

The best part is, especially for those people ordering dolls for little ones, our photo dolls are:

  • Chemical Free
  • Stain resistant/spot cleanable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable/dryer safe—for nonrecordable dolls
  • Color fast
  • Recordable dolls can record not only in person but over the phone/computer, from ANYTHING! You can re-record as often as you want.
  • You can lock your message in so it can’t accidentally be erased!
  • Any print will help your loved one’s from missing the one they love!

No matter what your age—get a Huggee Miss You Doll so you can get that hug you need even when the person you love is far from home! Because truly, there’s nothing like a hug from the person we love to make us feel happy and loved!

We can’t always be there for the ones we love BUT HUGGEE MISS YOU AKA DADDY/MOMMY DOLLS CAN!