The End to Sibling Rivalry

Help with Preparing Your Toddler for a New Baby Is Here!

Preparing your toddler for the new baby isn’t always easy – but HUGGEE MISS YOU can help! Our beautiful and customizable photo dolls make excellent gifts for your older children who might be feeling a bit insecure about their new baby brother or sister. You can place a picture of you in the 2” x 3” plastic photo covering to remind your child (or children) that just because there’s a new baby, doesn’t mean that Mommy and Daddy don’t love them very, very much!

At Huggs To Go, we know a warm, soft Hugg is always helpful when you’re preparing your toddler for a new baby sister or brother; a Hugg can help children of any age feel loved and secure, and excited about a new sibling!

A Good Hugg Goes a Long Way in Preparing Siblings for a New Baby

Parents can feel pretty stressed when it comes to preparing siblings for a new baby, especially if those sibling is old enough to remember when they had Mommy and Daddy all to themselves! That’s why our plush dolls can be so helpful. You can use a HUGGEE MISS YOU doll to:

  • Remind your older children that they are loved and appreciated
  • Record your voice singing your older child’s favorite song, or saying “I love you” to that child
  • Teach your older children to love and care for a baby sister or brother by showing them how to hold the doll nicely, and how to kiss the doll like they should kiss the new baby
  • Insert a picture of the new baby, so that you’re preparing the siblings for their new baby brother or sister gradually
  • Give a gift from the new baby to an older sibling

You can also record your children’s voice on a doll and present that as a gift to your newest little bundle of joy. With HUGGEE MISS YOU photo dolls, you’ll always give a gift that’s from the heart.

Nervous about introducing a sibling to a new baby? Huggeee help! Our squeezable treasures help older kids feel safer about the changes your new angel may bring. We ship our photo dolls within 48 hours of receipt*. We also ship to APO, AE and FPO Boxes. Contact Us today to order your custom plush doll!

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