Stress Relief Gifts For a Stressed Teen

It probably seems like there is no right answer when you’re dealing with a child managing serious teen stress, and that’s ok. Instead of fuming, try to remember some of the things you felt as a teen and perhaps, try picking out some stress relief gifts to help your kiddo out through these tough times. Sometimes, all it takes is a gesture from someone we love to help us focus and feel a little better about all of our troubles and worries. As much as teens may try to act as if they don’t need you, they truly do. They need you more than ever, even if they say the opposite. A little stress relief gift says that mom or dad loves you and knows you’re having a tough time.

First, think of all the things you dealt with—all the yucky teen stress:

  • Emotional changes…realizing that you’re not a child, but not an adult yet…and knowing that there are many changes about to happen in your life.
  • Hormonal changes….from body changes to mood changes, the body is changing right in front of your teen’s eyes, internally and externally.
  • Peer pressure…from substance use to sex and more, kids experience intense peer pressure.

Those are just some of the things you experienced as a teen most likely, and that they are experiencing as teens. Then add in the issues of our times. Social skills for teens are so crucial. Teens are now dealing with;

  • Immediate culture—everything happens quickly and impulsively, leaving many devastating consequences for teens
  • Social media—did your embarrassing mistakes get noted on Facebook? No, they didn’t but for these teens, they are
  • Terror and violence—violence and terror isn’t new, but it’s pervasive. School shootings and terroristic acts were not as widespread or frequent
  • Testing—many students have harder workloads and testing requirements than we did as teens
  • Less resources and higher costs to educate and care for oneself, post-high school

Considering all these factors, it’s not surprising that the emotional changes your teen is going through is immense. Your teen is facing so many things both inside of him or herself, as well as outside in the world today. With such rapid change, it’s important that schools and parents focus on positive and proactive social skills for teens, but still…stress happens.

With that said, some stress relief gifts would be a very nice way to help a teen focus on the positive things he or she has in his or her life. Here are some ideas your teen will love!

1- Gym membership: a little right to exercise will help your teen’s self-esteem

2- Concert tickets: a favorite musician live will bring a song to your teen’s heart

3- Personalized doll: yes, a doll that looks like a teen’s BFF or favorite family member will bring a childlike joy your teen could use right about now

4- Day Trip: a little day trip to one of your teen’s favorite places may help your teen relax a little

No matter how you choose to gift your stressed teen, it’s the thought that counts—and the love!